Aluminum Panel







Substrate and Structure
PVDF aluminum panel is fabricated with quality aluminum alloy material from global well-known suppliers, and coated with PVDF baking paint of PPG or AKZO. PVDF aluminum panel is comprised of cover panel, stiffeners and hangers.

Typical thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

Properties of PVDF aluminum panel
(1) Lightweight, good rigidity and strength.
(2) Non-flammable, good fire resistance.
(3) Excellent weather resistance of surface, excellent UV resistance, superior resistance to acids and alkali. Shelf life is 25 years without discoloration under normal outdoor environment.
(4) Good formability, it can be formed to plane, arc, and complicated shape such as sphere and tower.
(5) Hard-to-stain, easy to clean and maintain.
(6) Wide range of colors optional, excellent decoration effect.
(7) Easy to recycle, no pollution.

Spray painting of PVDF
The PVDF painting line of ours, is the top-notch-all-closed CNC continuous auto line, which adopted the oversea state-of-the-art equipment. The full line is near 430m long, with an annual capacity of 800,000m2, strictly complaint with ASTM standard. Suspension chain conveyor is equipped; in the water-curtain spraying room three sets of computerized Ransburg electrostatic spray guns are in place; the baking oven is heated by proportional US burner. The Sheen oven temperature tracker and Minolta spectrometer are configured for on-line inspection. Therefore it is a highly automated line. The coating complies with AAMA2605. PVDF aluminum panel can be stored for 15 years under normal outdoor condition.

Application of PVDF aluminum panel
Building curtain wall, pillar, balcony, partition board, interior decoration, billboard, vehicle, furniture, exhibition booth, instrument enclosure, metro, shipping vehicle.


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