Wizeley (International) Limited is a Plastic & Aluminium Group & we have our own office in International City ¡§HONG KONG¡¨.

Our Plastic-recycling warehouse is located in Foshan, Shunde ¡V China since 1983, we are one of the biggest in Southern China, occupies 17,000 square meters. When each container arrives in our warehouse, our staff will classify the materials immediately. After sorting out process, we will then store the different materials separately. Now we are purchasing more than 50 types of plastics scrap & aluminium scrap from post-industry & post-consumer in different form, such as regrind, offcut, offgrade pallet, film & panel of ABS, CR, K-resin, PA, PBT, PC, PE, POM, PU, PTFE, PS & SBS¡K.etc. In fact, we are also the end user of PE & PC & Aluminium, we consume around 300MT PE per month on our Aluminium Composite Panel, 400MT PC per month on our PC Sunsheet manufacture & 800MT aluminium per month on our Aluminium Panel. In the past years effort, we have built up a good relationship in China market. Our slogan is ¡§Continuously strengthen quality & quantity & keep reputation for probity.¡¨ Hope to arose the masses understand the importance of environmental protection & waste recycling.

At present, our Aluminium Panel factory is also the largest and most technically advanced metal wall making enterprise in China, occupies 50,000 square meters of land. We are mainly involved in the research and manufacturing of high-tech wall products, such as curtain wall Honeycomb Aluminium Plate, curtain wall Fluorine Carbon Aluminium Single Plate, curtain wall Fire-proof Compounded Plate etc. Our company introduces Ransburg fully-automatic static fluorine carbon spraying production line and computer-controlled network metal plate modern factory from Japan and perfects & promotes the production technique and technology of making PVDF aluminium honeycomb plate & PVDF aluminium single plate.

Plastic Aluminium Composite Panel factory is set up in 1997. Its products are also widely used to decorate inner and outer wall of buildings, facade of shops and advertisement projects etc. All Plastic-Aluminium Panels are produced under the inspection of strict quality control & is made of America¡¦s PPG PVDF coating roll aluminium and the macromo lecular cohesive film with 10 years quality guarantee.

Our products have awarded the Certificate of ISO9001, ISO9002 & ISO14001 and they all satisfy the state criterions & measurement center. Our products are the excellent ones recommended by the ministry of construction.
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